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Best 5 Cities In Canada

 By Sarah Crown, 5Bestthings.com Channel Writer
Are you looking for the cities that have the best weather in Canada, the most reasonably priced houses, and the safest? Well, here you go; list of the best five Canadian cities to live in: Depends on Cost of living/ Healthcare / Criminal records / Child Care
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1. Quebec City

Quebec City

The province of Quebec counted as the best in providing health care for their citizen. They have an active Ministere de la Famille et de l'Enfance, and the most progressive child care system in Canada. Quebec City reflects that family focus, with the highest per capita spending on its countless parks, recreation areas, museums, activities and festivals.

2. Ottawa


Ottawa is the capital of Canada, a municipality and the second largest city within the province of Ontario. Located in the Ottawa Valley, the fourth largest city in Canada is also the political capital of the country. The city located in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario, the city lies on the Ottawa River, a major waterway forming the local boundary between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

3. Halifax

Looking for the safe place with the lowest crime concerns, that one is Halifax, it is considered as the second-lowest crime rate next to St. John's. Also Halifax is one of the cities with best weather in Canada, with a multitude of beaches and fishing and sailing opportunities. Halifax didn't perform quite as strongly in education, chalking up the second-lowest high-school completion rate, or in child care and economic factors, even with one of the lower child poverty rates in Canada.

4. Winnipeg


Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg is the seventh-largest municipality in Canada, with a population of 633,451. According to Environment Canada, Winnipeg is the coldest city in the world with a population of over 600,000 based on the average night-time temperature during December, January and February, inclusive.

5. Calgary


Calgarians are giving soul: The United Way raises more money per person in Calgary than in anywhere else in our survey. The city basks in the glow of Alberta's healthy economy, boasting low child poverty rates and less business for its food banks than any city we examined except Saskatoon. Alberta's health care was below the middle mark in other respects, as was education.

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